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The industry’s rapid growth has brought for the development

When talking about li ning company currently is undergoing transformation, got points out, from the sports goods industry overall situation, the industry’s rapid growth has brought for the development of the industry challenges, cheap jordan retro 10 it is imperative to transform, li ning company takes the lead in change of the faith and energy has also received industry recognition.

Licensees professional authority, at the same time, based on BOBDOG HOUSE inherent brand itself brand influence, popularity and market position, treasure and treasure sent double treasure combination, gravity again to build its brand image, strong brand market covers, let BOBDOG HOUSE brands into children’s products market quickly.

Deng Xiaohua said, cheap jordan 13s li ning company founded more than 20 years, has been committed to the li ning company into one of the great Chinese sport brand. Current companies actively promote transformation, focusing on sporting goods business, focusing on the domestic market, li ning brand focused, and develop the efficiency of operations in channels, brand and product, operation ability and the business model reform as the core of the four strategies.

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