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The company of various change initiatives going smoothly

2012, hongfa group treasure trade co., LTD, nike air max for sale treasure to send children’s clothing (China) co., LTD., started the brand strategic cooperation. In 2013, bao send formally signed Po sent product BOBDOG HOUSE brand, areas of mainland China’s total distribution.

At present, the company of various change initiatives going smoothly, is toward the established goals. In a consumer survey data, the third party in the first mentioned the « brand » and « favorite brand » on the two indicators, li ning is in second position, the competitive advantage mainly comes from the li ning brand assets.

BOBDOG HOUSE in television advertising heavily to build brand image, jordan retro 5 for sale through the guangdong jia jia cartoon channel, quickly establish BOBDOG HOUSE brand awareness, effectively helping with consumers, the propagation force and influence in the industry and market. BOBDOG HOUSE every year to make the system promotion planning.

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